Our all-you-can-eat Rodizio Steakhouse is not just famous for excellent food , but also for its’ tropical rain-forest inspired design and lush garden. The only restaurant of its’ type on the island, L’Aldea Steakhouse brings classic Brazilian Rodizio to Curacao: waiters keep coming to your table with skewers of meat, and carve what you want. Our world-class salad-bar will tempt you at least as much as the meat, and customers love the variety of choice our restaurant provides them.

Whether you’re on a luxury date or a business dinner, L’Aldea Steakhouse is the place to indulge yourself. Bring a big appetite, and L’aldea Steakhouse will do the rest.


 Open Time
 Close Time
Tuesday – Saturday (Closed on Mondays)
*Kitchen Closes at 22:00