L’aldea’s History

L’aldea started out as an idea. Successful local businessman Robby Rodrigues – having been exposed to other countries in the region – wanted to find a fun and educational way to promote local awareness of how regional indigenous cultures have influenced Curacao’s culture. In brainstorming about this goal, a concept and business opportunity slowly began to crystallize: a resort comprised of a hotel, several restaurants, and an educational and fun tourist attraction to share the vision and passion for those cultural influences with others.

 Even so, it took years of planning before construction of L’aldea finally started back in 2006.  At the time when construction was started, there were many who still remained unconvinced, as the project was seen as unrealistic and too ambitious for Curacao.

Undeterred, artisans from the region were brought in to assure quality and authenticity. As their work was entirely done by hand, the process was slow and deliberate. Early on in the process, a decision was made not compromise on quality of workmanship, and it is for this reason that the painstaking construction process took 4 years to complete.

The result speaks for itself, however.

Upon finally opening in 2010, much was made of how beautiful and relaxing L’aldea is. At first, the L’aldea resort comprised the Brazilian Steakhouse and the Amazonia Tour, both of which became instant tourist attractions. The second restaurant – El Patio – opened in June 2014, and the resort’s Boutique Hotel is slated to have its official opening in September 2014.