L’aldea was founded on October 21, 2007, in the union of two gentlemen, Mr. Roberto Rodrigues and Esteban Ferrales artist, with the help of six Cuban artists, masons, welders and many helpers, hundreds of kilos of nails, tons cement, iron and other material; All of this has created the wonderful cement art work that we see today in this park. L’aldea is a themed resort with 4000 square meters; it has a restaurant, a park, a spa; where you can have a pedicure by the Garra Rufa fish. In the future we will establish a beautiful square with small souvenir shops and an art workshop.

L’aldea culture reflects the Mayan, Aztec, Inca and Arawak, These are the indigenous cultures that marked America and the Caribbean, influencing both our customs and. This tour will show you some of aspects of them, hope you enjoy it

In the pond

We inhabit different fishes such as Amazon or cachama Paco (BLACK) better known by the natives of the Amazon, although the piranha family is not aggressive but eats other fishes, is a fish that feeds on fruits and nuts, teeth Unlike piranhas are not sharp but as human molars which can be used to break the harsh nuts, when small are so similar to that can confuse piranhas, growing to become more robust reach 88 cm of length and about 20 kg of weight is edible fish are breeding for meat consumption. We also have the coy carp oriental fish that can easily differentiate minds by Amazon despite their strong color as deep red, this is thought to be Japanese fish, but actually is a Chinese pest, we have different Florida turtles and some water birds such as duck guiri guiri Venezuelan migrating to our island and lives in the plains of that country, the water hen or the piquo redfish red is the most common and inhabits almost worldwide, is a wild bird can be tamed but as is the case of our own, the white peak is the lowest is called (Fulica caribaea) is a bird of very different areas of the Caribbean: the southern Bahamas to the Lesser Antilles and northern tip of South America. It is near threatened.

The soul of L’aldea

The soul of a big stump L’aldea sculpted art form that shows all cultures, flora and fauna living in the complex is the beginning of the trip by a history marked by myths and legends of our ancestors, is the alpha and omega of park.

Doctor Fish

What are Garra rufa fish? Garra rufa, is a small fish that reaches a maximum size of 10 cm. in length, which lives in the hot springs of Kan gal, in Turkey, where for over 200 years has been used to soothe and heal skin problems. For this reason it is known by the name of “Doctor Fish” or “Kan gal fish”.

Since 2006, these fish have been used to help patients suffering from various skin disorders, including psoriasis and eczema, as these fish not only remove dead skin cells but also help to regenerate by segregating their Dithranol enzyme lips.